October 15, 2009

Step Aside, Honey...I'm Taking Over!!!

To our dear friends and family out there who faithfully followed our 1st blog, let me take a moment apologize.  It was not my fault.  Really, it wasn't.  You see, my wonderful husband had the brilliant idea to capture our days in pictures and re-tell our adventures through the infamous world of blogging.  Yes, we had become official "Bloggers."  It seemed so new at the time and I was exited to join along in the journey of Jeff sharing our lives with the world from his candid, often humorous perspective.  I think the title of our first entry was something like, "Parker is Here!"  Well, isn't that sweet?!  Now almost two years old, Parker is getting ready to welcome a new baby brother in just 10 weeks.  Needless to say, I've officially decided to take the reigns of this blogging thing away from the man who initiated it all.  Let's just say, hearing comments like, "Wow, the kids sure haven't changed much" and "Do you know your blog hasn't been updated in a year" has started to wear on me (not to mention the fact that I always feel like I have "unfinished business" laying around.)  You know, kind of like that laundry pile in the closet that NEVER goes away?!

Soooooo....here I go!!  Step Aside Honey, I'm Taking Over!!!  We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we are!

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