November 24, 2009

Pretty in Pink!

This is the fourth year now that my sister has been involved with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day walk.  She is so passionate about raising money and walking 60 miles in three days for this cause.  It's so great to see her enthusiasm towards all things "pink" and be able to support her as a cheerleader along the route.  (Hey, being a cheerleader is hard work too!  We drive for miles and miles all over San Diego trying to find the perfect "cheering spots."  We spend hours searching for the perfect pink outfits, baking sweet treats and painting signs!)  So maybe we don't have blisters on our feet at the end of the weekend and our toenails are still completely intact but our throats are sore from all the screaming and our legs ache from jumping.  It's hard work folks, and someone's gotta do it!  Really though, we look forward to the 3-Day each year - it's become a sort of family tradition.  Who knows, maybe one day I'll actually get out there and do some walking too.  Until then however, keep it up Christy and job well done!

One of my favorite new additions to the car decorating this year was the windshield wiper decor...I cracked myself up!!  I am indeed in big need of getting out of the house more frequently!  

Oh, just some ballerinas in the street!

Lauren made these ADORABLE (and delicious) mini brownies!!  The walkers loved her...I think the entire platter was devoured in 5 minutes!!

See...they LOVED her!!  =)

#1 fan of the 3-Day walkers!  He was a hit in his pink decor! 

Carson is an "Auntie Fan" too!  He was so proud of her!

Grandma even came out to be a part of the action this year!  Looking good fans!

Carson passed out candy to the walkers along Mission Bay...he felt so important!

I made mini pink cupcakes for the walkers again this year...YUM!

And there she is, walking her "tail" off!  We're so proud of you, Christy!

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