December 31, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas!

Some highlights from our Christmas Season!  We have so much to smile about this year!

Canyon Lake Snow Day!

Annual Christmas concert and Johnson Family dinner!

Christmas celebration with the extended Johnson Family

Doing a little "Christmas Cooking!"  Reindeer face sandwiches!
Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, depending on how you look at it!!  Wink, Wink!

Our special gift!

Santa brought the boys the "golfing sets" that they have been asking him for since the beginning of December!

Mommy and Daddy got the boys bikes!

Blowing out the candles on this year's "Happy Birthday, Jesus" cake!

Papa built a sandbox for the boys in our backyard for their Christmas gift this year!

December 24, 2009

Meet Dylan James!

Our newest bouncing bundle of a boy arrived on Christmas Eve morning and what a blessing he is!  We are so in love all over again!  Dylan weighed 8lbs, 10oz and was 20 inches long.  Carson and Parker are adjusting to being big brothers and can't get enough of the little guy!  They are so good with him and want to hold and kiss him ALL DAY LONG!!  My labor and delievery was quick (although not as fast as with Parker) and relatively painless, once I got my epidural!  However, all was not without drama!  I got to the hospital only to be told there was no room for me...excuse me?!?!?  I'm having a BABY here!!!  I was put in some sort of bed with a curtain around it (like the triage of an ER department) and told I could deliver there.  Great.  I've always dreamed of delivering a baby right next to some complete stranger on the other side of the curtain who was listening in on the whole ordeal.  However, I couldn't have an epidural in the "curtain room" (also known by me as "the stable") because there was no way for the nurses to monitor me.  I was told that being in "the stable" with no epidural was better however, than delivering in the hallway.  REALLY?!?  Am I in America??  I want a bed AND an epidural, please!!!  Don't I have the right to choose this for myself and am I really asking too much??  Long story short, finally got into a room, got the heaven-sent epidural in time and Dylan made his grand entrance in about two big pushes!  Despite all the madness of the day, he was here in time to celebrate Christmas and was the best gift we could have received this year!  We headed home Christmas afternoon and life as a family of 5 has been wondeful so far!  Here are some pics of the newest addition!

Coming home from the hospital in his Santa suit on Christmas Day!  (I've always wanted a baby young enough to put in a Santa suit...lucky Dylan!!)

December 14, 2009


What a fun time we've been having this month preparing for Christmas!  Something about the knowledge that Dylan could be here at any moment, increases the urgency to do all of the special "Christmasy" activities with Carson and Parker as possible.  We have been so blessed in the past few weeks to share with the boys the traditions of the season that Jeff and I feel are most important to our family.  As we talk about the birth of our Savior with them, it's obvious that they are really starting to "get it" (okay, well Carson does!)  We've continued on with the tradition of the Advent Calendar again this year with each day bringing something fun to look forward to.  So far, we've baked, created art projects together, gone to Disneyland, attended tree lighting ceremonies, had breakfast with Santa, toured Christmas lights in our jammies with hot chocolate, played in the snow, watched Christmas movies at home as well as at the movie theaters, went to a Christmas concert and toured the lights at the beautiful Mission Inn in downtown Riverside!  Whew...I wasn't kidding when I said we've been trying to squeeze it all in!!  =)   The magic of Christmas and the celebration of Jesus' birth is alive and well in our hearts and our home.  We hope you are experiencing special moments together with your friends and family during these weeks as well!  Merry early Christmas!

December 01, 2009

Celebrating a New Little Life

I don't care how many babies someone has, they all deserve to be loved and celebrated.  Just a personal belief of mine but man, the life of a newborn is such an INCREDIBLE gift and blessing.  Jeff and I feel so lucky to be able to be parents soon to our third son and feel even more lucky to have some great friends who came alongside us during this time to share in our excitement!  Here are a few pics from Dylan's baby shower.  The theme was "Pickles and Ice Cream!"  How fun!  I was overwhelmed with diapers, wipes, lotions, shampoo, and other nursery "essentials."  What mom doesn't love that??  After all, how am I supposed to make it to CostCo for these supplies with THREE kids in tow?!?!  Thank you, special friends and sisters!!  =)

November 24, 2009

Pretty in Pink!

This is the fourth year now that my sister has been involved with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day walk.  She is so passionate about raising money and walking 60 miles in three days for this cause.  It's so great to see her enthusiasm towards all things "pink" and be able to support her as a cheerleader along the route.  (Hey, being a cheerleader is hard work too!  We drive for miles and miles all over San Diego trying to find the perfect "cheering spots."  We spend hours searching for the perfect pink outfits, baking sweet treats and painting signs!)  So maybe we don't have blisters on our feet at the end of the weekend and our toenails are still completely intact but our throats are sore from all the screaming and our legs ache from jumping.  It's hard work folks, and someone's gotta do it!  Really though, we look forward to the 3-Day each year - it's become a sort of family tradition.  Who knows, maybe one day I'll actually get out there and do some walking too.  Until then however, keep it up Christy and job well done!

One of my favorite new additions to the car decorating this year was the windshield wiper decor...I cracked myself up!!  I am indeed in big need of getting out of the house more frequently!  

Oh, just some ballerinas in the street!

Lauren made these ADORABLE (and delicious) mini brownies!!  The walkers loved her...I think the entire platter was devoured in 5 minutes!!

See...they LOVED her!!  =)

#1 fan of the 3-Day walkers!  He was a hit in his pink decor! 

Carson is an "Auntie Fan" too!  He was so proud of her!

Grandma even came out to be a part of the action this year!  Looking good fans!

Carson passed out candy to the walkers along Mission Bay...he felt so important!

I made mini pink cupcakes for the walkers again this year...YUM!

And there she is, walking her "tail" off!  We're so proud of you, Christy!

November 19, 2009

On Being Pregnant...

Well, I'm getting closer.  Five weeks to close and yet so far away!  I'm at that point in my pregnancy (and I know some of you can relate) where I feel like I deserve a medal...for just making it through the day!  I need to be reminded now more than ever that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.  My other two pregnancies were textbook perfect.  Take positive pregnancy test, have contractions 9 months later and then hold baby in arms.  Easy.  Piece of cake.  

This baby on the other hand has been more, well, should I say "exciting??"  Let's see, first there was the surprise positive pregnancy test, then the week of bed rest, two rounds of the flu and a bladder infection all while trying to relish in the day to day activities of my two precious toddlers!  Oh, did I mention the poor circulation in my arms at night and the excruciating lower back pain I feel most days by about 6:00 in the evening??  Let me first paint a picture of the arm circulation scenario:  I'm sound asleep in bed but feeling uncomfortable.  Feeling the need to roll over.  My body moves but for some reason my arms don't follow.  Awkward.  I need to roll over....arms...please...follow me!!  Ultimately, I end up having to do what I call the "heave ho" maneuver.  It goes like this: Roll body over, count to 3 and then "heave ho" my arms by twisting my shoulders so that eventually, they fly out from under me and flop to the other side along with the rest of my body.  If I'm lucky, they won't whack my sleeping husband on the face, or mine for that matter on their way over.  After it's all said and done, I get to spend the next hour and a half wide awake because by that point I can't fall back to sleep.

Now, for the lower back pain scenario:  By about 6:00 each night I can hardly bend, twist, or literally move from my waist down.  But with two toddlers, you do what you have to do and sometimes I just have to "go with it."  The other night, I think I pushed it a little too hard because I could hardly even feel my back by the time the kids got into bed.  I decided to lay on the couch where I eventually fell asleep (don't be so surprised, okay?!)  When my dear husband woke me a few hours later to come to bed, I found that I literally could not move!  I was standing there envisioning myself sprinting down the hallway to the warmth of my bed and yet, nothing was moving.  Nothing except for the burning pain moving from my waist to my legs.  I tried coaxing my legs to move forward and still, nothing.  Eventually, one leg started to move and then...wham...I hit the ground.  Okay, not a violent, dangerous fall but I did end up on my knee on the ground.  Jeff came to my rescue (FINALLY...I thought he was going to have to carry me!!) and helped me get to the back of the couch where I could hold on to something.  The rest of the trip to my bed consisted of a hunched over me holding on to dear life to the back of the couch and the hallway wall, hoping and praying that my back and legs wouldn't lock up on me again.  REALLY??  Is this really happening to me?!?!  Someone remind me WHY we as women "get" to do this for nine months!  

I know that in five weeks (oh, please Dear Lord make it sooner) I will be holding my sweet baby in my arms and all of this will be forgotten.  Somehow it will all seem worth it and I'm sure sooner rather than later I'll talk about wanting to do it all over again.  But for now, I sit here praying that my body will make it to delivery day and hoping that time will fly...I don't know if I can handle one more thing breaking down on me!  

November 08, 2009

Thomas the Train Comes to Town!

Christy and I took the boys to see Thomas the Train since trains are a "really BIG deal" for those of us who have boys!!  We got to ride on Thomas and enjoy some of the many activities around the train station.  I love seeing my kid's eyes light up at something so simple, yet so magical! 

October 31, 2009


This year was a fun Halloween for us because we had a houseful of kids to celebrate with!  Our family and good friends came over for our traditional chili and cornbread dinner.  Jeff and I have been doing this for the past five years and felt like this was definitely the most exciting year so far!  The adults got to eat, drink and chat while the kids played together before Trick-or-Treating together as army men, a frog, and a pirate with his little brother the parrot (who I didn't get a picture of...)  Despite all the candy and sugar, the kids made it to bed by 8:30, leaving the rest of the night for the adults to continue celebrating!  It was a fun, Fall night! 

October 30, 2009

Halloween Treats!

Pregnant mamas love any excuse to make sweet treats to eat!  What better way to satisfy some cravings than with friends and family?  Here are some of the Halloween goodies I made for us to enjoy...YUM!!