January 10, 2010

Our Soccer Super Star!

Ever since Carson was about 6 months old, he has loved anything to do with soccer balls!  We have sweet memories of him shrieking over balls and "running" up and down the hallway with Jeff "kicking" the ball back and forth!  Well, now the time has come for him to get to play on a real team!  He had his first practice and game this week playing indoor soccer for Valley-Wide.  I think I was in tears laughing at the cuteness!  We'll see how the season treats him!!

Warming up with some drills!

Getting a little pep talk from Coach Mark

Carson taking a break during a drill!!  He said he was too tired!!

Parker is so sad to not be able to play with his big brother.  He doesn't understand why he can't join in.  Poor, sweet little guy!

A Game Day Huddle!

Ready for action!  Go Carson!

Coach Mark trying to explain to Carson that he has to stay IN the goal box when he's the goalie!!

#1 Fans!!

Go Red Hawks!!

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