January 23, 2010

A Bug Party!

With a newborn baby and the possibility of a January rainstorm, I knew long ago that I wouldn't want to host a party in our home or backyard this year.  We decided to have the party instead at the lodge of our community park.  Thank goodness we did because cleaning was the last thing on my mind and who would've guessed we'd have an entire week of rain before the party!  Friends and family came to celebrate with Parker and it was a super fun afternoon for everyone!  Everything turned out more "whimsical" than I imagined and we're still finding little plastic bugs all over the house!  Happy 2nd "Bugday," Parker! 





  1. Super cute! Love the leaf plates and all the creative names for the food!

  2. Curious on what you used for the "bug juice". Thanks

  3. Plz plz tell me how u did it all i wanna do this for my sons first birthday party